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#178: QGIS 1.5/dev does not start anymore under XP + 64bit issues
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 newly installed XP 32bit sp3 machine, no other programs installed.

 Downloaded osgeo4w.exe

 Installed qgis 1.5 -> when launching the program

 "the application failed to initialize properly (0xc01500002)"

 Tested also to install qgis-dev, the result is the same.

 I also tested to install QGIS with the standalone installer (that by the
 way is derivate from osgeo4w) and the message still the same.

 On a freshly Windows Seven 32 bit installed machine no problems, QGIS
 starts fine, both with osgeo4w and standalone installer.

 The very same message appears when trying to launch QGIS 1.5 installed
 with the standalone installer in a Windows XP 64 bit machine (again, just

 The message that shows under XP 64bit, when trying to launch qgis/osgeo4w
 is different, as it says that "proj_fw.dll" is missing. In this case (xp
 64bit + osgeo4w) there is probably also another problem:

 when it comes to choose what packages/libraries to install, the installer
 does not marks automatically the dependencies, so it makes very hard to
 make a correct installation.

 I miss to test how it works under Windows Seven 64bit, test that I will do
 in the next hours.


 Yes, I have tested to install the "Microsoft Visual C++ 2008
 Redistributable Package" for the proper architecture and doesn't change a

 I exclude also conflicts with other (GIS) software as all the machine had
 just installed OSes.

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