[osgeo4w-dev] QGIS1.6.0-3 can't open shape file with file name using Japanese characters

Yoichi Kayama yoichi.kayama at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 08:34:59 EST 2011

Hi list

I had downloaded QGIS1.6.0-3 using OSGeo4W package.
And use it , with a shape file with filename includs some Japanese characters.
But I can't open the shape file.

Error messeage is below.

 [filename( Japanese character)]  is not a valid or recognized data source

I could open the file withe Japanese file name using QGIS1.6.0-2.
And I could open the file ,rename to a name  with ascii characters (no
Japanese) using QGIS1.6.0-3, too.
And could open a Project file with file name using Japanese characters
, QGIS1.6.0-3.

I think there are some trouble about i18n  file name encoding, about
vector file name  in QGIS1.6.0-3.
In other languages, how about open a file with file name(path name)
include own characters?
Is it a trouble at  only Japanese character ?

Yoichi Kayama

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