[osgeo4w-dev] GDAL 1.8 - Switch Thrown

Helmut Kudrnovsky alectoria at gmx.at
Sat Jan 29 17:15:35 EST 2011


I'm trying to compile grass in the osgeo4w-stack.

after the switch to the new baseline gdal1.8:

 >I would encourage folks building packages to update, and rebuild them
 >using the current GDAL. The GDAL include files in C:\OSGeo4W\include
 >and libraries in C:\OSGeo4w\lib should now be for 1.8.

in the last time the configuration for compiling grass in the 
osgeo4w-stack was
(according to 

"./configure \
--with-libs="$OSGEO4W_ROOT_MSYS/apps/gdal-16/lib $OSGEO4W_ROOT_MSYS/lib" \
$OSGEO4W_ROOT_MSYS/include" \
  --with-gdal=$OSGEO4W_ROOT_MSYS/bin/gdal-config \

If I'm rigth, after the switch, 
--with-libs="$OSGEO4W_ROOT_MSYS/apps/gdal-16/lib and
--with-includes="$OSGEO4W_ROOT_MSYS/apps/gdal-16/include can be omitted 
because the baseline-files
are now in C:\OSGeo4W\include and C:\OSGeo4w\lib.

if I look, after upgrading osgeo4w, in gdal-config
(in C:\OSGeo4W\bin), I have

CONFIG_LIBS="-L/c/OSGeo4W/lib -lgdal15"
CONFIG_DEP_LIBS="-L/c/OSGeo4W/lib -lpng -lz"
CONFIG_FORMATS="gxf gtiff hfa aigrid aaigrid ceos ceos2 iso8211 xpm sdts 
raw dted mem jdem envisat elas fit vrt usgsdem l1b nitf bmp pcidsk 
airsar rs2 ilwis rmf rik leveller sgi idrisi bsb gif jpeg png pcraster "

Shouldn't this be upgraded to gdal18?

best regards

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