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#219: Upgrade python version
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Comment(by maphew):

 I've built a python 2.7 package for testing,
 while osgeo.org is down you can fetch it here:

 It *REPLACES* the existing python2.5 files:


 So make a backup of these 4 files if you're testing in an existing
 install. Everything else is untouched (e.g. .\apps\python25).

 To use, unpack from `%osgeo4w_root%`.


 My install and testing procedure:

 1. Download standalone apt from
 http://code.google.com/p/maphew/downloads/list and place in PATH as

 2. Open command shell and
 set osgeo4w_root=c:\o4w_py27
 apt setup

 :: to share cache with existing install
 :: and avoid needless downloads
 REM copy c:\osgeo4w\etc\setup\last-cache %osgeo4w_root%\etc\setup\

 apt install shell

 :: install py27 testing package, assumes 7zip in path
 pushd %osgeo4w_root%
 7z x python-2.7.1-1.tar.bz2
 7z x python-2.7.1-1.tar

 3. Run osgeo4w.bat

 You now have a minimal osgeo4w install with just shell and python 2.7. Use
 apt to install other packages and see what works/breaks.

 Remember to open a new OSGeo4W shell after installing (or run the batch
 files in .\etc\ini manually).

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