[osgeo4w-dev] Msys-GNU make version in Osgeo4w setup

Johannes Radinger JRadinger at gmx.at
Wed Nov 16 06:48:28 EST 2011


I am using the osgeo4w advanced setup
to install different components for compiling
GRASS GIS on my Windows 7 machine.
Therefore I follow the steps from the
WinGRASS wiki (http://trac.osgeo.org/grass/wiki/CompileOnWindows).

One of the components is the msys console
with the GNU make. The actual msys version is
1.0.11-3 resp 1.0.11-2 (the older version).
Both of these versions are bundled with make 3.79 and
not with 3.81 as typically for msys 1.0.11...
What is the reason for that?
I'd need 3.81 as this is needed for running make in
the newer versions of GRASS (6.5 and especially 7)...

Is there any possibilty that also a msys 1.0.11 with
make 3.81 can be downloaded via the osgeo4w installer?

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