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#329: update geos to 3.3.6
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Comment(by aperi2007):

 >IIRC Frank asked me to remove the static libraries from my packages and
 keep the
 >import libraries "_i.lib" when I built the freexl/sqlite/spatialite libs
 >searching for that discussion but I'm unable to find it, probably it was
 on IRC).

 I guess in a system like osgeo4w born to allow the use of various gis
 systems the
 static library is really unuseful. The shared lib are the more
 If there are more systems that need differents versions of a lib i guess
 is better to maintain in the package also the previous versions of that
 Instead if the osgeo4w is see also as a container of all the libs need to
 a GIS developer to support him, the static libs could have a role.
 However I still think that in a develop environment a developer should
 still use the shared libs.

 my 2ct.

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