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#295: findstr in addPath runs forever on windows7
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Comment(by maphew):

 Jef, I don't know that it's _needed_ exactly. I added it because a) it's
 just cleaner not to have duplicates, and b) there is a maximum PATH
 length*, though I've not personally run into it in a very very long time.

 I've forgotten the details, but I think my initial impetus for looking for
 and finding addpath.bat was running into .bat files in ./etc/ini/ from
 different packages adding the same PATH entries.

 That said, if it's causing problems we can drop it. It accomplishes what
 I'm after but I'm not entirely comfortable with it (there's too much going
 on inside addpath.bat file that I don't understand). In this ticket though
 the problem is not addpath but findstr (or something findstr depends on).

 * appears to be 1023 bytes - http://www.windowsitpro.com/article/tips/jsi-

 As for starting with a minimal path instead of appending to the system
 default, I personally have a number of non-Windows and non-Osgeo4W utils
 that I use frequently. So using sys-default + osgeo4w is easier, for me. I
 imagine there might be others in the same camp. I'm flexible though and am
 happy to add the desired environment after the fact if need be (all it
 takes is dropping a new .bat file in `./etc/ini`).

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