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#295: findstr in addPath runs forever on windows7
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Comment(by maphew):

 Thanks for the error report. I haven't reproduced the problem here and
 need some more information to help troubleshoot: what are the steps
 leading up to findstr running forever? Does this happen when merely
 starting the Osgeo4W shell? What about when running programs from within
 the shell? (as opposed to Start Menu or desktop shortcuts.)

 What edit do you make to addpath.bat to bypass the freezing?

 ...here's a thought: does findstr work at all? Try something like this
 from a non-osgeo4w command shell (Start > Run > cmd [enter]): `findstr /s
 "findstr" c:\osgeo4w\*.bat*`

 The results should resemble (`b:\o4w` is my `%osgeo4w_root%`):
 B:\o4w>findstr /s "findstr" b:\o4w\*.bat*
 b:\o4w\bin\addpath.bat:echo("!new!"|findstr /i /r
 /c:^"^^\"[a-zA-Z]:[\\/][^\\/]" ^
 b:\o4w\bin\addpath.bat:    echo(%%B|findstr /i /r
 /c:^"^^\"[a-zA-Z]:[\\/][^\\/]" ^
 b:\o4w\bin\inpath.bat:echo("!new!"|findstr /i /r
 /c:^"^^\"[a-zA-Z]:[\\/][^\\/]" ^
 b:\o4w\bin\inpath.bat:    echo(%%B|findstr /i /r
 /c:^"^^\"[a-zA-Z]:[\\/][^\\/]" ^

 As as I know the Qgis stand alone install doesn't use addpath.bat. Since
 you've attempted both maybe the O4W and the stand alone are walking over
 each other in some way.(?)

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