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#295: findstr in addPath runs forever on windows7
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Comment(by asgerpetersen):

 Replying to [comment:2 maphew]:
 > what are the steps leading up to findstr running forever?
 It ran forever whenever I tried to start a osgeo4w program from start menu
 or shortcut.

 > Does this happen when merely starting the Osgeo4W shell?
 > What about when running programs from within the shell? (as opposed to
 Start Menu or desktop shortcuts.)
 I cannot try that because the shell wont start.
 > What edit do you make to addpath.bat to bypass the freezing?
 Nothing fancy. Just dont use findtr and risc duplicate path entries.

 > ...here's a thought: does findstr work at all? Try something like this
 from a non-osgeo4w command shell (Start > Run > cmd [enter]): `findstr /s
 "findstr" c:\osgeo4w\*.bat*`
 My findstr seems to work ok with the simple test case:

 C:\Users\asi>findstr /s "findstr" c:\osgeo4w\*.bat*
 c:\osgeo4w\bin\addpath.bat:echo("!new!"|findstr /i /r
 \/]" ^
 c:\osgeo4w\bin\addpath.bat:    echo(%%B|findstr /i /r
 \/]" ^
 c:\osgeo4w\bin\inpath.bat:echo("!new!"|findstr /i /r
 /]" ^
 c:\osgeo4w\bin\inpath.bat:    echo(%%B|findstr /i /r
 /]" ^

 > As as I know the Qgis stand alone install doesn't use addpath.bat.
 The QGIS standalone installer installs a desktop shortcut which makes the
 following chain of calls:

 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Quantum GIS Lisboa\bin\nircmd.exe" exec hide
 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Quantum GIS Lisboa\bin\qgis.bat"

 which sets OSGEO4W_ROOT=C:\PROGRA~2\QUANTU~1 and calls

 o4w_env runs the bat-files in the etc\ini folder and the
 etc\ini\python.bat file calls addpath.bat

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