[osgeo4w-dev] work on a new python package (2.7.2-3)

Matt Wilkie maphew at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 03:49:57 EDT 2012

Hello Folks,

I've been working on a new python 2.7.2 package. It's the same python
version as previous, the main difference is in packaging.


 * new `bin\make-bat-for-py` (ticket#17)
 * new `etc\postinstall\python.bat` (just calls make-bats)
 * `...\python27\Scripts` dir added to PATH via `etc\ini\python.bat`.
This dir doesn't exist by default but is created and used by 3rd party
tools such as easy_install and ipython. [wiki:ExternalPythonPackages]

I considered it but didn't delete `apps\Python27\Doc\python272.chm` as
that would cut the archive size by ~5mb (one third), and the
pkg-python page says docs aren't included. FWIW, the py2.5 also leaves
out Tcl & Tools which would save another 6-7mb. What do you folks
think, should these be a separate packages? or just left out all



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