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#286: The procedure entry point not found sqlite3..
Reporter:  mgala     |       Owner:  osgeo4w-dev@…              
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Comment(by warmerdam):

 It at least one roughly similar case the problem was an older sqlite3.dll
 living in the windows system directory.  The user had to replace it
 manually with our sqlite3.dll from C:\OSGeo4W\bin.  This affected QGIS,
 but not (for instance) gdalinfo since QGIS does not run from he
 C:\OSGeo4W\bin directory.

 One potential solution would be to repackage a custom sqlite3 dll with a
 different name.  This strategy has been used for a few other common low
 level libraries.  But it would be a substantial effort to get right and
 make future upgrades hard (because we couldn't use binaries provided by
 the sqlite project).

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