[osgeo4w-dev] [Qgis-developer] 64bit Windows version

Matt Wilkie matt.wilkie at gov.yk.ca
Mon Nov 19 08:48:28 PST 2012

> My approach is that we should  create a parallel branch of osgeo4w for
 > the 64 bit versions, call it beta or whatever while we work on
 > getting everything added and make it so people can install both 32
 > and 64 on the same computer without issue.

Speaking specifically to parallel installs, excepting desktop shortcuts 
and menu items that should be no problem as Osgeo4w -- meaning the 
shell, gdal/ogr and other command line utilities -- is pretty much 
portable as is. Applications within the system are a mixed bag, with 
some portable and others not (and I don't know which are which).

The menus and shortcut items can be solved with a simple name change, 
e.g. "Osgeo4w 64bit shell".

On the packaging and download mirror side of things, it would be nice if 
the 64bit packages were in a single tree rather than 
"foobaz_x64.tar.bz2" intermingled with regular packages throughout. The 
simple way to do this is just create a new tree off the root, with it's 
own setup.ini, the same way we did for 'testing':


However this is just a silo, and we lose the ability to share packages. 
I don't know if this is an actual issue. If every single application 
needs to be recompiled and packaged, there's no issue, but if a 
duplicated tree means repacking (a significant number of) things then we 
might be better served with a single shared tree and distinct .ini's.



I favour the second approach, but my role here is pretty small. :)

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