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#321: help needed installation of osgeo4w installer on Windows 8
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Comment(by saultdon):

 Replying to [comment:3 flavour]:
 > Error box has a window title of "Mount" & content of "Access is denied".
 > I am running with full Admin rights and have disabled the UAC.

 I'll test out the installer tonight, I have a Win8 laptop to try it on.

 I found that Windows8 does something different with the user permissions
 on installed programs. Lots of applications in "Program Files" had the
 Users permissions set to read only. I had to allow Users ''write/full
 control'' rights so that files could be updated.

 If I couldn't update the permissions, then running the application as an
 Administrator worked fine too.

 On Windows 8, from the Metro menu (''those ugly tiles for the touchscreen
 you might not have'') you can right click the application tile and then at
 the bottom, the orange menu pops up and then select ''Run/Launch as
 administrator'' from there.

 I found having my user in the Administrators group didn't help at all

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