[osgeo4w-dev] ANN: Python 2.7.4

Matt Wilkie maphew at gmail.com
Fri Apr 19 23:23:51 PDT 2013

Hello folks,

Python 2.7.4 has been uploaded to the Osgeo4W download mirror and passes
install tests on my machine. Please test on yours.

**Changed:** Dropped `python-wrapper` as a separate package, merging it's
contents into `python-core` (namely the batch files for defining PYTHONHOME
etc., and for generating .bat files in .\bin for the .py files there).

**New:** the o4w python packages now mirror the selections of the regular
setup program:

    Python Core     =   python-core         5.5 mb
    Documentation   =   python-help         5.9 mb
    Tcl/Tk          =   python-tcltk        2.4 mb
    Utility Scripts =   python-tools        0.1 mb
    Test Suite      =   python-testsuite    1.6 mb
                                           15.2 mb

Selecting the `python` package in `osgeo4w-setup` or `apt` will install
everything. The other packages can be added and removed as desired,
`python-core` will always be installed with any selection.


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