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#340: OSGeo4W not accessing ESRI filegdb
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 You shouldn't actually need to download the filegdb api and place dlls
 anywhere anymore.

 All the needed files to read/write file geodatabases are available through
 the package '''gdal-filegdb''' found in the ''libs'' category.

 I've installed gdal and gdal-filegdb using the osgeo4w installer and can
 access that test_fgdb.gdb fine.

 Feel free to re-open if this doesn't solve your problem, as something else
 could be wrong and more troubleshooting is needed =)

 == NOTE ==

 If you do choose to manually place the ESRI FileGDB dlls into the bin
 folder, make sure you try with the 2008 and 2010 builds because one may
 work and they other may not. Also, it may matter to grab the 32-bit dlls,
 because GDAL from the osgeo4w installer is a 32-bit version I think.

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