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#357: python 2.7.4 dll conflicts
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Comment(by jef):

 Replying to [comment:6 maphew]:
 > I'd really like to find a reliable way to strip the Windows system
 directory from the DLL search path, but after much reading and searching
 it does look as if this isn't possible. The only other alternative I've
 found* is to put move the .dll next to the .exe, in `apps\qgis\bin`, as
 opposed to the current solution of putting the .exe with the .dll in

 That goes for all DLLs - not just for the python DLL.  Every DLL in bin
 (or PATH) can potentially be masked by a DLL in system32 (this also
 happenen with the openssl DLLs).  So we'd need to copy all DLLs to
 whereever .exes live (apps/qgis, apps/qgis-dev, grass...)

 Moving the {{{qgis.exe}}} into bin is a solution for that - and typing
 {{{qgis.bat}}} instead of {{{qgis}}} isn't such a huge burden to justify
 any significant work put into this - most people probably use the
 shortcuts anyway.

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