[osgeo4w-dev] Update to Vol 64, issue 6: 'Program too big to fit in memory' when running installer exe file in Win 7 VDI

Ian Jones imjnes77 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 29 09:56:33 PDT 2013

Hello all again,

I haven't had much of a response regarding this issue.

In case I didn't communicate this well before, the exact error I get when I
run the osgeo4w-setup.exe installer file is: 'Program too big to fit in
memory' (when dropped into the Command Line prompt). Or if I try it in
Windows 7 proper, nothing happens at all. This is in a VDI environment, VM
Ware View Client session (with 4GB RAM, 40GB space, Administrator rights).

This is a bit of a showstopper for me as I cannot move on and do what I
want to do.

If this is a genuinely new issue that no one has seen before, is someone
able to forward onto me a detailed OS requirements list for installing
OSGeo4W so that I can try and pin-point the possible restriction and check
these with my on-site support?

Or going further, if it is simply down to the size of the installer, how
easy is it to request a cut-down installer program? I need to install
OSGeo4W with Command Line Utilities - GDAL, and python.

Much appreciated,


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Hi Alex,

Thanks for replying. Yes, I have Administrator access, I have tried it with
2 different accounts and in a completely different session as well. Without
any other apps on it. The local IT guy has looked at it as well but
none-the-wiser. I have been able to install it ok to Windows 7 on a
non-virtual, normal laptop.


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> On 04/10/2013 03:43 AM, Ian Jones wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Has anyone else had the same experience? I've just downloaded the OSGeo4W
> > Installer but when I double-click the exe file to run it and attempt to
> > install it, nothing happens. If I drop it into a Command Line session, it
> > returns the above message.
> >
> > I have 40Gb disk space, 4Gb of RAM so don't quite understand why it isn't
> > playing ball. I am trying to do this in Windows 7 Enterprise in a VM Ware
> > View Client v5.1.1.
> >
> > Has anyone successfully got it installed to a virtual environment?
> >
> > Much appreciated,
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Ian
> >
> Have you tried running as Administrator?
> Virtual Environment should not be an issue.
> Thanks,
> Alex
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