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#333: Please rebuild GDAL with VC2008 instead of VC2010
Reporter:  jmalik    |       Owner:  osgeo4w-dev@…              
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 Between the 1.9.1 and 1.9.2 gdal package, a compiler switch happened.

 The 1.9.1 package was built with VC2008.
 The 1.9.2 package are built with VC2010.

 This creates runtime issues for some packages built on top of gdal.
 In my case this is a crash in std::string or std::map...

 A managed to have an almost working OTB package at the cost of rebuilding
 ossim and otb with VC2010. VC2008 builds are unusable.
 Still, I lost something : any executable linked to both otb and Qt will
 segfault at load time.

 Also (out of scope for OSGeo4W, but still worth mentionning), any Debug
 build with VC2010 shows similar runtime issues and are unusable.

 Two different machines shows the same issue, so I'm confident this is only
 caused by the compiler switch in the GDAL package.

 I had no such issues with the previous GDAL builds done with VC2008.
 That's why I'm kindly requiring a rebuild of the gdal package with VC2008.

 (even though I'm still trying to figure out how qgis can work since it is
 built with VC2008 but on top of VC2010-gdal...)

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