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#333: Please rebuild GDAL with VC2008 instead of VC2010
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Changes (by jmalik):

  * priority:  critical => major


 Thank you both for your inputs, even though it's a bad news for me...

 Yes, OTB uses the GDAL C++ API.
 I originally understood the C-API approach as "if i use gdal C API, then
 an application built for gdal 1.9.1 will work without rebuild with a gdal
 1.9.2 build; if using the C++ API, then I must recompile the app each time
 gdal is rebuilt".
 Guess I was missing other pitfalls...

 For the record, I solved my Qt issues thanks to this :
 by avoiding calls to QString::toStdString and QString::fromStdString as
 described in the link.
 The issue is not specific to 64bit builds.
 I guess this info will be usefull for other OSGeo4W packagers wanting to
 build a Qt app with VC2010 on top of the current Qt present in OSGeo4W.

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