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#241: Licencing of gdal-filegdb in OSGeo4W ?
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Comment(by jef):

 fixed in 1.9.2-1.  The ESRI DLL was removed.

 The license states:

 4.2 Uses Not Permitted
 b.  Except as provided herein, Licensee shall not redistribute Software,
 Data, or Web Services to third parties, in whole or in part, including,
 but not limited to, extensions, components, or DLLs.
 The scope of use for the Software, Data, Web Services, and Documentation
 identified below is described in
 the applicable footnotes identified in parentheses.


  Esri File Geodatabase API (47)

 47. Licensee may develop and distribute software or web applications that
 use the Esri File Geodatabase API to Licensee's end users.

 The Footnote 47 might be intended to allow redistributions of the DLL, but
 it doesn't clearly state so.

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