[osgeo4w-dev] OSGeo4W 2013 Weekly reports #2

Lord Flaubert Steve Ataucuri Cruz lord.ataucuri at ucsp.edu.pe
Fri Jun 28 15:44:27 PDT 2013

Hello All

This is the report for my 2th week in the GSoC.

*What did I do this week?*
*    - The main job done this week was integrated a new window dialog
"license" with its class license which will download a license file from
somewhere (before the community organize the license terms) ie: "
http://download.osgeo.org/osgeo4w/release" of every restrictive package.

    -  I added a new resource entry to window dialog
   - I added a new entry for Makefile.am
   - All changes I committed you can see at

*What do I plan on doing next week?*

    - For two next weeks I will plan something to download a license from a
main central repository or individual projects and install into local
directory ie: /etc/licenses. I will finish the new license class to
automation of every restrictive package like gdal-ecw.

*Did I block on anything?*
*  - It was a little difficult to understand the flow of window dialog and
some classes of installer, I am still learning all the process into
  - There was a bit problem with the first compilation of new installer
with the new class, but it was resolved, I couldn't implement the download
process I need more time but I will do it next week with some extra work.

Report link http://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo4w/wiki/Reports

Best regards


Steve Ataucuri Cruz
School of Computer Science,
San Pablo Catholic University - Arequipa, Peru (http://www.ucsp.edu.pe),
Screen Names :
 stonescenter at hotmail.com (Windows Live Messenger)
 stonescenter at gmail.com (Google talk)
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+51.972529201 (Mobile)
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