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Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Sat Mar 2 01:11:39 PST 2013

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Il 02/03/2013 01:16, Frank Warmerdam ha scritto:

> I must admit I'm not absolutely certain what the best way is
> to move OSGeo4W forward.  Given the right person interested
> in working on the project full time (or a substantial part time)
> at a "scrappy" price, I'd push for funding but I'm not sure that
> such a person exists. 

Well, I think it depends a lot on what do you mean with "scrappy": can you work out a
potential budget? I'm sure we can find support from our huge Windows power users base.

> There are also some technical direction issues with
> OSGeo4W that remain open. 
>  - Should we stay focused on just 32bit or add/switch to 64bit?

IMHO adding 64bit is important.

>  - Should we do "complete refreshes" every could of
>    years instead of the package by package updating 
>    that works well at the high level but not so well down
>    in the low level packages (like GDAL).

IMHO a continuous refresh (à la Debian unstable) is the way to go.

> Anyways, I don't want to dive into great detail on the board
> list, but I do think OSGeo4W is worthy of OSGeo funding 
> if the project had a clear plan how such funding would 
> work.   

Agreed fully - thanks for your thoughts.
All the best.

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