[osgeo4w-dev] mapserver/mapscript packages for osgeo4w

Tamas Szekeres szekerest at gmail.com
Wed Feb 5 00:04:41 PST 2014

Hi Paolo, Jürgen

In my preference the same directory structure for osgeo4w and osgeo4w_64
would be a reasonable choice. Currently we have a "mapserver" directory
which can be promoted to host the release versions. But I'm now about to
provide the latest builds for the master and the stable branches which
would apply for 2 different directories. I could also provide builds for
the release version, but it will more likely break something for the
existing stuff so it should be just a later phase when we should gather
experiences with that.

My biggest concern about this concept (as I've already raised that at the
conference) is that we cannot make sure that providing a new package will
not break the upper level packages which depend on the package added. And
the package author may not have experiences to compile all the upper level
packages to make sure about all aspects. We should instead automate the
whole build process in the osgeo4w server which would make it easier to
recompile the whole bundle.

The current directory structure is not quite right regarding to the package
versions. The major releases are definitely not binary compatible with the
earlier releases, and it is up to the project how they handle the
compatibility between the minor releases. In this regard at least each
major release should go to a different directory, but sometimes the minor
releases should also be in different location (depending on the project)

To sum up these I would somewhat suggest to use these directories:

mapserver/mapserver5  - To contain the 5.x releases
mapserver/mapserver6 - To contain the 6.x releases
mapserver-dev - To contain the daily snapshot from the master branch
mapserver-stable  -  To contain the daily snapshot from the current stable

Each directory should contain the corresponding mapscript packages in
subdirectories. It is discouraged to submit just the core package, the
authors should compile all the mapscript packages (and the plugins) in the
same build session.

(added osgeo4w-dev to the cc list)

Best regards,


2014-02-05 Paolo Cavallini <cavallini at faunalia.it>:

> Il 04/02/2014 22:27, Tamas Szekeres ha scritto:
> > At the moment I would prefer to submit separate package sets for
> mapscript/mapserver
> > for both the stable and the master branches (all those packages would be
> daily
> > built). In this regard I've added the following directories:
> > 2014-02-04 Jürgen E. <jef at norbit.de <mailto:jef at norbit.de>>:
> >     There is the mapserver package which used to be 5.2, but was
> recently updated
> >     to 6.4. But there are still a lot of demo application packages that
> depend on
> >     the mapserver package, although I doubt that those will work with
> mapserver
> >     6.4.
> >     Long story short: it's a mess.  And we don't even know if anyone is
> actually
> >     using any of it.  Seems very unlikely to me - but still for some
> reason
> >     mapserver was recently updated to 6.4 - so there must be users.
> >
> >     I suppose anything we do can hardly make the mapserver situation
> worse, but I
> >     wouldn't want to harm anything that is currently working fine.
> Hi Juergen, Tamas.
> Here my thoughts:
> * situation on 64 bit should be clear and simple enough - may I suggest to
> just
> upload Tamas files? In this way we can check soon if everything is working
> correctly
> * as for 32 bit, I'd suggest to clear up the mess by asking on osgeo4w ML
> (possibly
> also Mapserver ML) if anybody is using or maintaining the old packages
> (5.6 is quite
> unlikely to be useful for anybody); if we get no reply in, say, one week,
> we go on
> and remove everything but for the latest version (recover them in case
> someone is
> seriously complains will be easy anyway)
> * Tamas is maintaining MS packages anyway: could osgeo4w be the place to
> put his work on?
> * certainly having mapserver and mapserver-dev would be good.
> Thoughts? Can we proceed, *at least* for 64 bit?
> All the best.
> --
> Paolo Cavallini - www.faunalia.eu
> Corsi QGIS e PostGIS: http://www.faunalia.eu/training.html
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