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#401: Problem during the setup
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 First, sorry for my basic english !

 I'm a student and i need to use OSGeo4W (monteverdi, otb, py QT...) in my
 project of end school.

 I tried to download OSGeo4W with all packages and softwares to be sure to
 have everything i need.

 I'm using Windows 7 (64bit) and i'm trying to install OSGeo4W 32bit
 because i need the packages which are just with the 32 bit version (like
 Orfeo Tool Box).

 The downloading finished well.
 But i got a problem when the installation began.
 A window opens, it's write:

 In-use files detected
 #define FT_SUBGLYPH_FLAG_SCALE            --the file is in use.
 Please stop all OSGeo4W processes and select "Retry", or select "Continue"
 to go on anyway (you will need to reboot).

 I can click on "retry" or "continue" but it does nothing and the window
 reappear once again.
 If i click on the red cross, it closes the installation.

 There is nothing more than the setup program which is open concerning
 OSgeo4W in the "task manager" of the computer.

 Thank's for all.

 Pierre-Alban Hugueny
 Third year student at the ESGT (Le Mans, France)

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