[osgeo4w-dev] Source packages - Trying to do things right...

Jürgen E. Fischer jef at norbit.de
Mon Mar 31 08:03:11 PDT 2014

Hi Julien,

sorry for the late reply.

On Mon, 10. Mar 2014 at 10:20:49 +0100, Julien Malik wrote:
> Ok so I'll generate them as part of the source package recipe.

> > The idea was to eventually integrated that into the cgis, but I didn't do
> > it yet.

> cgis, what's this ?

http://upload.osgeo.org/cgi-bin/osgeo4w-regen.sh and co.

> >> I don't understand how the zlib recipe works. I fails on my system due to
> >> tar not accepting output file with backslahes in path.  I think I only
> >> have tar from the msys OSGeo4W package. Which one do you use for zlib ?
> > I used cygwin's tar.

> Ah.. OK. Too bad the tool is not provided by OSGeo4W itself.  Is there a
> chance this can be fixed ?

Not sure that msys tar can't be use to prepare packages - I'd avoid backslashes
in any case.

> >> - If there is one recipe you consider should be the model, for what
> >>   package is it ?

> > Not really.  My recipes evolved from package to package.  They probably
> > should include or download the actual source, be ready for automated
> > building, automatically install build dependencies (apt?) and stuff like
> > that.

> Cannot agree more.  Also, I was thinking it might be desirable to package
> some missing build tools directly into OSGeo4W.  We have swig or sip but
> don't even have cmake.

Well, I try to not package third party development tools - unless they are part
of what gets built (like sip).

> It seems to me we are really close to have an OSGeo4W build machine be "basic
> standard windows + OSGeo4W + vc10".  That would be great to turn this into a
> reality.

We are?  BTW I'd need vc8 too - well, if we can actually build everything
automatically that might obviously change.

> > Ideally it should handle both architectures too.

> Great idea too. Do you have an advice on that ?  I currently think the
> "package.cmd" bat file shall be run from an OSGeo4W shell and recognize the
> architecture flavor.  Is there any env var/tool in OSGeo4W shell telling the
> architecture ?

This would work:

python -c "import sys; print 'x86' if sys.maxsize <= 2**32 else 'x86_64'"

> > So for now they just have the character of elaborate build notes.

> > Also most if not all source packages are not correct for use with the
> > installer, because they just contain files that are meant to go into a
> > manually extracted source tree somewhere, while the installer would install
> > them into the osgeo4w tree where they would clash, because they would all
> > use the same directory 'osgeo4w'.  I think the sources should live in
> > /usr/src/$package/, but missed to check cygwin packages earlier and didn't
> > want to rebuild everything just to fix the source packages.

> That's what I did : source package extracts to /usr/src/osgeo4w/$package and
> generates build result in /usr/src/release/$package.  Easier for me then to
> script things to manage synchronisation from /usr/src/release to the osgeo
> server.

Yes, for most things I also put the stuff into a local repository.

> >> - Can you review the "glew" source package ?
> > Um, the archive contains backslashes in the path - that's IMHO undesireable.

> OK so I guess I should go for cygwin's tar.  However it does not seem to
> create issues for extracting the tarballs, even under linux shells.

On linux it didn't create subdirectories but files with backslashes in their


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