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Mon Aug 17 01:27:02 PDT 2015

#471: OSGEO4W 64 Bit PDAL PLY-Reader fails
Reporter:  bma1    |      Owner:  osgeo4w-dev@…
    Type:  defect  |     Status:  new
Priority:  major   |  Component:  Package
 Version:  1.0     |   Keywords:  Pdal, ply-Reader

 on my System (Windows 7)I get the error "PDAL: Error opening ply file:
 aborted by user" for every ply-file I choose as Input.

 Do you have an example for ply-reader is working ?

 As an example I use the bunny-files from stanford University

 and the following XML-File

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 <Pipeline version="1.0">
     <Writer type="writers.text">
         <Option name="filename">./bunny/reconstruction/test.txt</Option>
                 <Option name="cache_block_size">32184</Option>
         <Reader type="readers.ply">


 I use the command pdal Pipeline bunny.xml.

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