[osgeo4w-dev] [osgeo4w] #487: cs2cs in proj 4.9.2-2 does not work

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Mon Feb 29 05:00:25 PST 2016

#487: cs2cs in proj 4.9.2-2 does not work
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 cs2cs in proj 4.9.2-2 does not work.

 When running cs2cs command in OSGeo4W Shell, nothing happen, the shell is
 blocked, whereas with the version 4.9.2-1 cs2cs runs normally and returns
 the basic help:

 Rel. 4.9.2, 08 September 2015
 usage: cs2cs [ -eEfIlrstvwW [args] ] [ +opts[=arg] ]
                    [+to [+opts[=arg] [ files ]

 System info:
 win7 Pro SP1 64bits with i7-4800MQ @ 2.7 GHz and 16 Go RAM

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