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#473: create a geos-c++ package
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Comment (by rashadkm):

 recalling the discussion on geos-devel list;

 geos c++ api is fully supported and can be used if the project wants to.
 So ossim is using it without any violation. It is not a serious bug is
 ossim that it uses geos c++. Why should the package upgrade be blocked
 because of ossim using geos c api. If there comes a problem because of
 geos-c++ api, the other packages must be given a clear documentation
 somewhere in osgeo4w page or atleast even try to cope with the issue. Not
 the other way around. Only to include a package in osgeo4w, the upstream
 should rewrite a part of its code which is working and is not a violation
 of anything that osgeo4w stands for.

 Imagine if ossim someday decides to move to geos c api. the there comes
 otb that uses ossim c++ api. And unfortunately, there is no C api for
 ossim. So the packaging blocked.

 Is the osgeo4w packages are specific to C projects. I never know. I am
 completely lost on this point. All I get was a humble request to move to c

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