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#567: python2 update required
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Comment (by muellea):

 i now have two fresh packages python and python-core which, i think, need
 further testing. Python is 32bit and 2.7.14.

 Here is a short description of what i did:

 - install python27-msi-file (current user!)
 - create a folder named python-core
 - unzip python-skeleton.zip in python-core
 - copy python27 folder to python-core/apps
 - uninstall python27 (if you like)
 - copy python.exe, python27.dll, pythonw.exe and w9xpopen.exe to bin
 - tar cvjf apps bin etc to python-core-version.tar.gz like here:
 - used and modified the python meta package

 (there are no further packaged like python-help python-tcltk python-
 testsuite needed anymore, its all inclusive. it is just like the

 My Tests: start python shell, import gdal, start idle, start qgis-ltr,
 install pip with pkg setuptools installed. Someone interested and willing
 to test? Both packages are in tar.gz format with a setup.hint file.
 Someone who can tell me how to upload the packages?

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