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#553: please create an OSGeo4W project page on the new website
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 From discuss email:

 > Hi community,
 > as we've seen in the Google Code‑in contest and students' feedback, MS
 windows is still an important operating system within the user base of the
 OSGeo stack.
 > Beside the windows standalone installers of e.g. QGIS or winGRASS (both
 are based upon OSGeo4W), the OSGeo4W framework itself is a very important
 platform to deliver the OSGeo stack to the users of this operating system.
 > As an example, when I'm helping winGRASS users on the GRASS user ML, I'm
 often refering to use OSGeo4W-winGRASS in order to check if the
 issue/problem is also there.
 > Furthermore, OSGeo4W is also an important testing platform as it's
 possible to use/test the latest greatest dailys of
 > e.g. QGIS3 or GRASS7.4svn on the windows operating system.
 > Another example, University of Vienna deploys OSGeo4W to all its public
 students PCs.
 > Searching [1] and screening the new website, there seems to be no
 information about/no link to OSGeo4W [2].
 > Is this intentional? Just overseen?
 > OSGeo will loose new and interested users of the OSGeo software stack
 when no one can find the nice framework for the still most used operating
 > Kind regards
 > Helmut

 To request "editor" permission (for creating a project page) please speak
 to the incubation committee as outlined here:

 Would love to see OSGeo4W listed on the new website, or better yet as a
 community project.

Ticket URL: <https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo4w/ticket/553>
OSGeo4W <http://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo4w>
OSGeo4W is the Windows installer and package environment for the OSGeo stack.

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