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#601: Cannot start QGIS dev - could not load qgis_app.dll
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 That might point to a problem with your GRASS install.

 %OSGEO4W_ROOT%\etc\postinstall\qgis-dev.bat runs `grass76 --config
 version` to detect the version (currently 7.6.1), parses the major version
 number from it (7) and uses that in the name of the batch file and
 binaries (`qgis-dev-bin-g7.bat` and `qgis-dev-bin-g7.exe`).  The batch
 file is then run with `--postinstall` to produce the `.env` - which
 apparently didn't happen on your machine.

 What does `grass76 --config version` produce in your osgeo4w shell?

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