[osgeo4w-dev] [osgeo4w] #660: Installation of QGIS-ltr 3.16.4 (32bit) failed

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Mon Feb 22 02:22:19 PST 2021

#660: Installation of QGIS-ltr 3.16.4 (32bit) failed
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Comment (by peetwhittaker):

 I also experienced this using the 64-bit OSGeo4W Setup utility (see
 attached for setup log file). During the postinstall script for qgis-ltr-
 common, I got an error message stating that crssync.exe couldn't start
 "because libprotobuf-lite.dll is missing" (see attached image). The
 installer then reported the following info "qgis-ltr-common.bat exit code

 Launching QGIS then failed as it "could not load qgis_app.dll" (see
 attached image).

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