[osgeo4w-dev] QGIS 3.18.0 and QGIS 3.14.4 (LTR) packages released and OSGeo4W reboot

Idan Miara idan at miara.com
Tue Feb 23 12:24:17 PST 2021

Hi Jürgen!

Thanks for all that great work!
Are there any instructions on how to use the scripts to build the packages?

Did you consider building a python gdal/proj package that could be
installed on the normal python distribution as well as on OSGeo4W?


On Tue, 23 Feb 2021, 18:36 Jürgen E. Fischer, <jef at norbit.de> wrote:

> Hi there,
> I'm happy to announce that the QGIS packages of 3.16.4 (LTR) 'Hannover'
> and the
> our latest release 3.18.0 'Zürich' are ready on
> https://qgis.org/de/site/forusers/download.html.  This includes Linux,
> Mac and
> Windows packages.  With the availability of a new regular release the
> current
> long-term release 3.16 replaces the previous long-term release 3.10 in the
> long
> term package repositories.
> The Windows standalone installer are as usual made from the OSGeo4W
> packages.
> In OSGeo4W there has lately been a big effort to reboot it, meaning that
> it has
> been completely rebuilt using newer source versions of mostly every
> package
> using a newer compiler.  As this happened shortly before the QGIS release
> the
> new packages are still in a separate repository for testing.
> You can install them using the osgeo4w installer on
> http://download.osgeo.org/osgeo4w/testing/osgeo4w-setup.exe (note the
> testing -
> the old installer will also work, if you point it to the new site, but it
> will
> default to the old).
> Within the reboot a lot of old packages were dropped (including
> dependencies to
> old microsoft runtimes), new packages were introduced and also package
> names
> were revised.
> Long story short: you cannot upgrade from old installs and have to remove
> and
> reinstall or use a separate directory.  As the new OSGeo4W only supports
> 64bit
> the default root directory was changed to C:\OSGeo4W, which might help with
> that if you were on 64bit earlier.
> Also note that it now only has one version of Python - namely 3.9, which
> doesn't support Windows 7 anymore.  Other updates include Qt 5.15, GDAL
> 3.2,
> PROJ 7.2 and SAGA 7.8.
> It also has PDAL 2.2 which is required for native support of point clouds
> in
> QGIS - something that you find lacking in the "old" OSGeo4W repository and
> in
> turn in the current standalones.
> The new installer also doesn't require administrator privileges anymore.
> Unless you run it elevated (ie. as Administrator) the option to create
> shortcuts for all users will be unavailable.
> The testing repository will eventually replace the old repository and also
> be
> used to make standalone installers.   As it has grown to exceed the 2GB
> limit
> of NSIS the standalone installers will then be switched to MSI.
> The package recipes currently reside at https://github.com/jef-n/OSGeo4W.
> Please test and report packaging issues to the OSGeo4W TRAC at
> https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo4w.
> Jürgen
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