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Thu Mar 4 10:11:04 PST 2021

#666: OSGeo4W-NG: Reinstate QGIS3 shortcut
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 Feature description.
 OSGeo4W-NG does not create the generic "QGIS3" shortcut, but only the more
 explicit QGIS Desktop 3.18.0 shortcut types. This leads to a less than
 stellar UX as the QGIS Desktop 3.x.x shortcut will have to be re-pinned to
 the Start Menu, Taskbar, etc. every time a version changes, as the
 shortcut name itself changes.

 Come to think of it, just a QGIS shortcut would be even better, as it
 would allow it to persist across major version upgrades, as well (QGIS 3.x
 to QGIS 4.x).

 Having the more general QGIS3 shortcut generated by the older OSGeo4W
 installer was really nice, as it would persists across version upgrades
 without constantly needing to be re-pinned.

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