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#677: [OSGeo4W-NG installer] Panda Adaptive Defense 360 block .dlls and .exe
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Comment (by jonnyforest):

 The easy way is to put all folder recursively in the whitelist Panda
 directories but it's against the IT policies.

 My hope, for now, is the Panda support grab the information and put in
 their whitelist databases.

 I send an email explaining the project, the type of installers and point
 them to the link of Github project.

 So I did a quick search and a Windows forum suggest the following:

 ''I have been working with security for some years now, and none of my
 applications have been blocked by Kaspersky AV (either the others). In
 order, to prevent this blocking, you should open Visual Studio® and open
 your project, then from Project menu select “Properties” and you will come
 to the properties page.''

 ''Now click “Security” tab and check the “Enable Click Once Security
 Settings” also provide information inside the assembly info dialog.''

 ''If the AVs keep on blocking your application now, then navigate to their
 application list and modify the AV settings for your application.''

 ''Also what you can do is, to make a code that checks AV and then adds
 it’s self to the application trusted list.''

 Does this make sense?

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