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#690: GRASS GIS 8 in OSGeo4W NG
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Comment (by sbl):

 Thanks for your reply.
 For starters I tried (in a Github action), to:
 1. Download dependencies from OSGeo4W (so they live in ''/c/OSGeo4W/'',
 2. Setting the current working directory to where the ''package.sh'' lives
 (''src/grass/osgeo4w'') and run it with ''bash''.
 However, although the relative path should be correct, ''build_helpers''
 was not found, and after hardcoding the path to ''build_helpers'',
 ''build_helpers'' was sourced, but then ''genini'' fails:
 /d/a/OSGeo4W/OSGeo4W/scripts/genini: can't open x86_64/setup.ini.tmp - No
 such file or directory
 mv: cannot stat 'x86_64/setup.ini.tmp': No such file or directory
 /d/a/OSGeo4W/OSGeo4W/scripts/build-helpers: line 206:
 x86_64/setup.ini.bz2: No such file or directory
 The attempt to setup the GH action is here:
 and the results (error messages) here:

 My feeling is that something needs to be run before ''package.sh'' (maybe
 some environment variables need to be set) or that the script needs to be
 called from a different place than where it lives. But I have no idea
 where I could find information on that.

 If I could get that to work, I could contribute recipies for GRASS
 packages (PRs that are tested on GH), and probably even more important
 with regards to OSGeo4W integration, I could try to integrate the OSGeo4W
 build procedure as the basis for the CI / unittests for GRASS GIS, so new
 commits are tested with regards to effects on OSGeo4W builds...

 So, e.g. any hint on how to call ''package.sh'' and pre-requisits to do so
 successfully, would be a great help and very much appreciated. Thanks.

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