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#692: Python 3.9 on v2 installer breaks part of stdlib
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Comment (by akominlsfi):

 Replying to [comment:3 jef]:
 > we have multiple versions of qgis.

 Well yes, that was specifically for my install since the package name and
 the paths would anyway need templating at install time. I assume something
 like a pre-post install hook could be useful to add/remove necessary lines
 in sitecustomize.py or to create/remove necessary pth files?

 Its not necessarily specific to QGIS (it just appeared using the python-
 qgis wrapper bat), but installing only python+gdal has the same issue,
 python module in site-packages and dlls in bin. venvs are broken if using
 the bin exe, or dll paths need to be setup if using the apps exe.

 Does this sound like a viable idea? It would help development a lot if the
 venvs can be supported. If you can give some pointers how this could be
 implemented in the scripts we could possibly make a draft pull request
 later of the proposed change, we'd need this when updating to the next
 QGIS LTR later this year. As it is possible to patch the things on own
 machine after install its not really a blocker, but I think this could
 benefit osgeo4w also?

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