[osgeo4w-dev] [osgeo4w] #740: More gdal-dev, qgis-dev gremlins reading tiffs

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Thu Jun 2 03:35:34 PDT 2022

#740: More gdal-dev, qgis-dev gremlins reading tiffs
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    Type:  defect              |      Status:  new
Priority:  major               |   Component:  Package
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Keywords:  gdal qgis dev tiff  |
Comment (by houska1):

 Gentle ping on this. A solution seems to be proposed at
 https://github.com/OSGeo/gdal/issues/5736 (though it went over my head).

 No problem for this to sit here if it's just a bleeding-edge dev branch
 issue. But commenting to make sure that -- if unaddressed -- it doesn't
 break non-dev QGIS 3.26.0 in 2 weeks. I *think* the trigger point will be
 whether that non-dev build will continue to use GDAL 3.4.X or move to 3.6,
 but I'm not sure.
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