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Wed Jun 22 01:28:15 PDT 2022

#465: Add gdal-grass plugin to OSGeo4W
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Comment (by jef):

 Replying to [comment:2 sbl]:
 > It could be integrated into the GRASS package, I guess.
 > Recently, the plugin code was separated out into it`s own repo:

 Sure.  That's why I ask.

 > From what I understand, devs there dealt with potential circle
 dependencies of the plugin. So, it should be OK to build separately, but
 if you prefer it to be part of the GRASS package(s) I could have a look at

 Yes, GRASS needs GDAL to build and GDAL needed GRASS to build the driver.
 So you couldn't fully build either package and had to first build GDAL
 without the driver, GRASS with the GDAL w/o driver and then GDAL with the

 Now that the driver is separate you can fully build GDAL, GRASS and then
 driver.  I guess the driver should be rebuilt with (each package of) GRASS
 anyway, so having it in the GRASS package could be beneficial.
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