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9月にDenverで行われますFOSS4G2011 (http://2011.foss4g.org/)用Abstractをsubmitしました。


また,Other AuthorはOSGeo Japanとしています。



Title: Response of OSGeo Japan with other communities to the Great East
Japan Earthquake

 At 2:46PM, 11th, March 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake struck the
Tohoku region. After a half hour, huge tsunamis affected a wide range of
coastal areas of the eastern Japan and caused tremendous damage. Loss of
life in the disaster region and vast damage to lifeline and infrastructure
were reported even in places as far as the Japanese capital, Tokyo.
Fortunately, data communication line of 3G was mostly available in some
parts of affected areas.
 Social media services such as Twitter, SNS and other communication
tools, were effectively used for contacting people like disaster victims,
volunteer workers and also local/ national governments. These services not
only contributed to emergency communications, but also to provide
collaboration platforms for responding disaster relief as quickly as

 A team of volunteers from the OSGeo and other communities in Japan and
some from overseas got together to
provide support for relief and rescue with in a few hours of the disaster.
Many initiatives using FOSS4G technologies were started  after the crisis
across nations and various communities. This presentation describes how
online-volunteers, mainly OSGeo Japan team, responded to the crisis.

- How FOSS4G tools were used and the problems encountered and addressed.
- How software and data were customized  for the relief works.
- Collaborative efforts of online-volunteers and other communities.

Following initiatives are explained,

- Crowd-sourcing for translation of place names, translation
of software, manuals and user guides
- Geo-referencing high-resolution orthophoto images.
- Providing WMS access to geo-referenced satellite images
- Handling a large number of access by making use of Cloud platform
- Setting up of storage server for exchange of large volume of data
- Distribution of OSGeo software and data and training to concerned
agencies and
individuals involved in relief and rescue

The presentation will also discuss future efforts that are
planned for speedy recovery and encourage resilience amongst
the communities.

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