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Hiroo Imaki hiroo @ angeli.org
2011年 6月 6日 (月) 13:34:07 EDT

Hi all.

Sorry for my English message....

I got a request to share our unfinished text again!! I think we need to
finish our project sometime soon. I know Narasaki-san start working again.
So, I need to allocate my time to progress this book project.

Do you think we can share our book chapters with this person? I think it
should be good for us to share our product at this point....

Please let me know what you think..


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Site Administrator

http://www.geopacific.org/opensourcegis/gcngisbook/GCN_book で作成したコンテンツについて
Shintaro Goto (got), got @ ris.ac.jp がフィードバックを送っているからです。

Hiroo Imaki
hiroo @ angeli.org
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