[OSGeoJapan-discuss] Earthquake

Hiroshi Miura miurahr @ linux.com
2011年 3月 11日 (金) 17:32:24 EST

OpenStreetMap guys start Ushahidi site.
Also JAXA try to grab satellite photo

You can help with


Ushahidi site reporter or moderater.

Please connect IRC: irc.oftc.net:6667 #osm-ja

10:56JST JAXA take picture from sky.
You can help with satellite mapping.

Before that you can help with Mapping with Bing imaginary in
Sendai area.

It is welcome to join Ushahidi site team as system admin,
site manager, moderator, and more.

I'm graduate Tohoku Univ, so it is sad incident but we should go forward!


OSM Japan
OSM Foundation Japan

(2011年03月12日 07:07), Hiroo Imaki wrote:
> OSGeo-J people,
> I felt terrible to see those horrible pics and videos from Japan about
> the earthquake. I was thinking about all GIS people in Japan and
> hopefully people are okay. Do you think I can help something using my
> GIS skills from the US? I already registered as a volunteer for one
> GIS organization but if you know some chances to volunteer with my GIS
> or cumputer skills, please let me know.
> Personally, I am from Sendai and it is really sad to see some of my
> old places are gone...
> Hiroo Imaki

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