[OSGeoJapan-discuss] Congratulations to Venka!

Venkatesh Raghavan raghavan @ media.osaka-cu.ac.jp
2012年 10月 29日 (月) 01:01:18 PDT

Dear All,

Many thanks for all the messages that I received from many
OSGeo.JP members. I am sorry for not being able to respond
to each one individually.

As I said before, I think that the Sol Katz award is more of a recognition
of OSGeo/FOSS4G activities in Asia. OSGeo.JP being the oldest and
most active Local Chapter, the dedicated efforts made by our members
to use, improve and develop OSGeo/FOSS4G solution makes it easy for
me to do what little I could for spreading the OSGeo/FOSS4G.

I see that we have a great program for FOSS4G-Tokyo/Osaka
lined up for next week. I look forward to seeing you all in person.

Once again, thank you all for strong support over the years and
look forward for your continued cooperation in future.



On 2012/10/27 9:55, "Toru Mori (森 亮)" wrote:
> Mage Whopperさん
> 森亮です。
> ページと翻訳の作成、ありがとうございます。
> #最初の段落で、事実と異なると思われる部分がありましたので、その部分を修正しました。
> (Ravi Kumarは国会議員ではない、ベンカ先生はOSGeoインドの代表者ではない)
> On 2012/10/27, at 0:43, Mage Whopper <magewhopper at gmail.com> wrote:

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