[OSGeoJapan-discuss] Integration of Japanese GIS formats into mainline GDAL ?

Hiroo Imaki hiroo @ angeli.org
2015年 4月 30日 (木) 11:26:56 PDT

Hi Even,

I am not the developer but he and I working at a same company. If he can
agree on the license and release his efforts, that would be wonderful for
all Japanese data uses.

He hesitates writing his message in English. So, I can be a translator
between you guys. I hope no lost in translation!

I will get back to you once I hear from him.


On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 10:45 AM, Even Rouault <even.rouault @ spatialys.com>

> Hi,
> Sorry for writing in English, but I don't unfortunately speak Japanese.
> I'm one of the GDAL developers.
> I've noticed that there are "un-official" versions of GDAL floating
> around, with
> a few drivers for new Japanese-specific formats. I was wondering if there
> was a
> reason to keep them outside of the official GDAL tree ? Integrating them
> into
> mainline GDAL would probably make life of Japanese users easier. GDAL has
> already support for a lof of national specific formats, mainly in Europe
> and
> North America. Would be cool for Asia to join in ;-)
> In a recent discussion thread, the following link is mentionned:
>  https://www.dropbox.com/s/4oyhncknavdk2if/gdal110_test.zip
> I can see that it contains 2 new GDAL drivers ( FGD: Japanese Fundamental
> Geographic Data (.xml) & FG-GML :  Japanese Fundamental Geographic Data
> GML(.xml) ) and one OGR driver (FGD).
> Unfortunatelly there's no author or copyright information in the header of
> the
> corresponding source files. Would their author(s) be willing to release
> them
> under the X/MIT license and contribute them to the mainline GDAL project ?
> Perhaps some test files to write minimalistic regressions tests would be
> useful.
> Let me know if I can be useful for anything. I can also help for writing
> new
> drivers if needed.
> Best regards,
> Even
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