[OSGeoJapan-discuss] "Learn GIS for free" course available

Mario Carrera mcarrera @ gvsig.com
2017年 8月 11日 (金) 00:37:57 PDT

Hi all,

a new course about how to learn GIS for free is available. It's a 
complete course to map your data with open source GIS: explore GIS 
tools, learn concepts and terminology of spatial analysis, learn how to 
analyze data, symbolize data and make your own maps, how to work with 
projections, vectorial and raster data, etc.

The course is recommended to everyone who hasn’t worked on GIS and want 
to introduce to this type of technologies, as well as users that have 
knowledge about it already and want to increase it.

At thos post you have all the links to the different videos: 

Enjoy it!

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