[Live-demo] what's in a name and a few ideas

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 20 23:58:09 PDT 2008


Am I right in thinking that the iso can be burnt into a bootable USB
stick? It would be quite useful as tool to set up with your project data
and take into the field to launch your working environment on any
computer-of-opportunity that comes by/you are forced to use. Maintaining
a bootable DVD with life-of-session memory and a USB flash drive with
your data can be a nuisance.

if so, the name liveDVD or live-disc or live-demo doesn't really cover
what we are doing here.  perhaps "live-Geo"?


I support the idea of adding a trac instance for the project, as the
wiki, task/bug/wish trackers etc can be useful, and more integrated with
task numbers, timelines, etc, than the current OSGeo Mediawiki pages.
DebianGIS's Alioth space offers GForge support (IIRC) which covers most
of that, but it is nice to have everything under one roof and not


re. automated build scripts kept in a SVN based on debian live-image or
similar- my main argument is that with limited peoplepower this is the
*only* method which will be adaptable, scale easily, be transparent/
auditable/ documented, as well as solve the problem of endless program
version churn without a lot of starting from scratch.

and if we can draw in some of the very talented debian developers to
help solve packaging issues that arise, all the better for everyone and
it doubles the size of our development team...


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