[Live-demo] Motivations for the LiveDVD

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 13:14:37 PDT 2008

Earlier someone (Hamish?) asked about motivations re working on the 
LiveDVD, or was it motivations for naming. Either way, I can't find the 
email. And so in the interests of transparency, and hopefully to give 
other potential implementers and sponsors some good business arguments 
to justify spending time on this project, I thought I should list 
LISAsoft's motivations.

LISAsoft has a business line based on "Geospatial Solutions enhanced 
with Open Standards and Open Source". Ie, we derive business from 
organisations who need help building solutions with Geospatial Open 
Source Software, or software development organisations looking for a 
geospatial partner. We focus primarily in the Australia/New Zealand 
geographic area.
As part of our marketing effort, we are sponsoring the Live DVD and we 
are putting significant effort in to organising FOSS4G and the 
associated Geospatial Integration Showcase.

Sponsoring a Geospatial Live DVD helps LISAsoft achieve our goals in a 
number of areas:
1. A liveDVD will introduce people to Geospatial Open Source, increasing 
the number of users and hence number of potential customers for LISAsoft 

2. We want potential customers to associate LISAsoft with Geospatial 
Open Source and the LiveDVD is a good avenue to demonstrate this.

3. We want potential customers to see that LISAsoft works 
collaboratively with the Open Source community.

4. We want to be respected amongst our international GeoFOSS peers, 
which in turn should lead to teaming opportunities, or positive references.

5. I see the liveDVD as being very beneficial for various parts of 
FOSS4G and the Geospatial Showcase. Making these two events a success 
should reflect well on LISAsoft, which in turn should build LISAsoft's 
association with Geospatial Open Source for our potential customers.

6. This last reason doesn't work for management, but works really well 
for us developers. The LiveDVD project is an "itch to scratch" for us 
developers. It is a really cool project that we all want to work on. So 
if we have a few spare minutes, it is what we would like to be working on.


Ok, that is why we are in on the project. I suspect that many others on 
this list could use these same justifications for why you are getting 
involved too.

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