[Live-demo] Re: Live-demo Digest, Vol 10, Issue 6

Massimo Di Stefano massimodisasha at yahoo.it
Wed Aug 12 11:31:10 PDT 2009


Il giorno 12/ago/09, alle ore 18:57, maplabs at light42.com ha scritto:

> Hi All-
>  so I did get the latest copy from epifanio.. thank you epifanio!
> I ran it in a VM on a MacBook Pro unibody using Virtual Box. 3D
> acceleration did *not* work for me - but perhaps I needed to run the  
> VBox
> guest addition ?

the 3d should works as default (eg. you will be able to run ossimplanet)

the 3d acceleration works after the VB VBox (eg. you will be able to  
run ossimplanet more fast)

>  Otherwise the distro is looking very good. Thanks for english  
> language
> settings (!)  hmm perhaps PGAdmin did not come up - I will have to  
> look
> again.

yes it's true! thanks for testing it
i'm having a chat wid sidux people to fix it.
seems it is a wx problem related to this bug :


i hope it will fixed soon

(i tried to run other sw like grass that use wx too, it works as  

>  (for the record, that linux host I used with epifanio to upload is  
> at a
> UC Berkeley Asst Professor's home, with a standard cable internet  
> link..
> so nothing fancy on campus.. I could ask if we need it, but the
> bureaucracy is pretty thick there, too)
>  best regards
>   -Brian
> ==
> Brian Hamlin
> OSGeo California Chapter
> IRC: darkblue_b
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