[Live-demo] More ideas on collaborative development

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 26 05:28:40 PDT 2009

Ricardo wrote:
> R1.
> I agree, but it's more easily said then done... ;-)
> Because some steps are not easily implemented with
> scripts. (at least for me!)
> I'm thinking about config editing, for example...

you need to keep a record of what files you have changed, then
either: pull them out and copy over the top of the base version,
or keep a copy of the original as e.g. /etc/config.ORIG then do
  diff -u /etc/config.ORIG /etc/config > etc_config.diff
and on a fresh system:
  cd /; patch -p0 < etc_config.diff

it's not as bad as you might think. keeping a record of what files
you changed is really the critical part.

Patches are way easier for reviewing the changes made; while the
sledgehammer overwrite method takes less skill to create/apply.

> R3.
> I suppose we will use wiki to discuss and propose changes to it.
> Or shell we use this mailling list (Live-Demo)?

probably a mix of both. on-wiki is easier to see what you are talking
about, but on-list gets more exposure.

> Is there a limited set of directories in the GISVM that need to be
> updated? If so, we can just sync them

probably /etc/ needs to be shared, but if it's possible only to deal
with files changed instead of directories changed, all the better.

> Even though I completely agree that it is desirable to have processes in
> place that automatize generating the VM/LiveDVD, I'm afraid writing
> scripts and setting these processes up shouldn't be our main focus atm.

I fully agree, this is long term stuff which will only delay the immediate

> For which apps/projects do we have/can we get in time additional material
> such as examples, documentation, etc?

have the folks running workshops given any notice about what they want, or
will they mostly be expected do their own thing?

I can provide quick help with any GRASS datasets you want to include, at
minimum I'd suggest to throw in the two sample datasets used in all the
help/wiki/book examples: Spearfish and NC. +satellite imagery addon datasets
for those if there is enough space.

> By writing the scripts, we should be able to provide examples for
> others to follow.

in that sense it would be nice to have each app configured using its
own script.



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