Res: [Live-demo] Which version of Geoserver should go on the FOSS4G LiveDVD?

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On GISVM I followed this principles:

1. Priority to Ubuntu Repository versions!
They allow easy and reliable maintenance and update. Users will benefit from
Programmers should do their work and effort to place their software on Ubuntu

2. Stable, always!
GISVM users are mainly starters. So they obviously are better with stable
They have enough problems already and will gladly be happier without software

3. For guys that can’t live without the lastest version. I recommend some
upgrade and installation scripts. Everyone is free to install other versions on
GISVM by themselves.
But we can
define a different policy for Live DVD…

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Hi all!

LISAsoft and the GISVM-project are preparing a new LiveDVD for the
upcoming FOSS4G. Of course the DVD wouldn't be complete without
Geoserver! :-)

The question is now, which version would you like to see on the LiveDVD?
Something more stable (1.7.6) or something more experimental (2.0)?

Unfortunately, we don't have much time left for setting up the DVD. :-(
It would be great, if you could let me know by Friday (Australian
time... which might even be Thursday for some of you) what you
preference is.


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